David Grant

About Me

I’m always looking for the best way to get things done. About seven years ago I downloaded the Evernote app to see if this supper-charged, note-taking app was all it was cracked up to be. I used it for a while to organize my thoughts through a Mac OS X certification process (I believe that was Snow Leopard). It was alright, but I just didn’t understand what the application could do. I looked at a series of notes in Evernote and saw no difference from the notes in my notes app. So, I closed the app and kept my world in Notes. A few years later I opened it up again while updating to a new system. By that time the notes app was getting bloated, and the idea of notebooks and tags got me thinking this would be a better way to organize my life. I switched.

Life was pretty good, but I soon heard about a new calendar app called Sunrise. I thought I’d give it a try. In the accounts options I saw a familiar green elephant. "What is this?" I wondered. Sunrise would sync reminders and display them in my calendar. What was even greater was that the reminder sync went in two directions. That means I can move around my tasks to fit my days. I was listing to a manager podcast about that time along with studying some GTD strategies, and I suddenly saw my world open up with the combination of the email to Evernote feature along with tagging structures and this calendar integration.

Since that time, I’ve managed my life in Evernote. The tag line, "Remember Everything" is now my reality, although it may be better stated, "because you cannot remember everything."

I’ve encouraged teams I’ve managed to utilize this tool, and offered to take people through my processes. I’ve found it’s the kind of thing that takes a while to understand, just like it did for me. I needed a better way to show people how Evernote can help. I decided I’d create a website to give tips and paint the picture in more digestible chunks.
Recently I decided to make things official. I became an ECC (Evernote Certified Consultant). The training process brought clarity to the ways businesses can utilize information to increase collaboration and efficiencies. It made me dig in deeper to improve my own processes.

And I’d like to offer my services to you. This site is here to help you pick up tips and tricks to improve the organization of your day, but you don’t need to stop there. Check out CTSi to see what all we can do for you. Fill out the contact form either here or there if you have interest in discussing how Evernote can improve your business or life.

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