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Evernote has been a critical part of managing my personal and work life since I started using it more than ten years ago. Over time, I've learned how much more of a resources Evernote is than a simple note-taking app, and I become an Evernote Certified Consultant to create opportunities to help others find the benefit this big green app has provided for me in my life.

Marketing Automation
There are a lot of "experts" out there making big promises. Here's the truth. There's no secret. It's a lot of work to market, but with the right strategy and tools, you can do what you need to do more effectively to grow your business.

Manage Your Time & Tasks With Evernote

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Learn the basics to get started with time and task management. If you implement the strategies in this ebook, you'll remember more, gain more control of your day, and complete more of the important things in life.
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